I love food trucks! - ran into @jerk312 Jerk Jamaican Grill food truck for lunch today. 😋 #meatpatty #festival

I found this in the notes section of my phone last night. I wrote this back in February. I often write encouragement notes to myself as reminders. This is something that I try to remind myself of often. — Where I am right now this instant is necessary. I may not understand it now but it’s needed. Embrace the process.

And again…Chicago does it so much better. Dinner with the fam. 😋 #deepdish (at Lou Malnati’s )

#tbt Bombest hair day of my life!!! Well maybe not my life but…it was cute that day. Lol. #naturalhair #saunyashelise


The police in Ferguson are spraying tear gas and arresting peaceful protesters and reporters (2 reporters so far). Christina Coleman is an NBC Channel 5 news anchor from St. Louis…Son.

I can’t. This makes me so sad.

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The rings were so beautiful! Mostly all handmade Indian jewels. 😍

Quick trip the international art fair today. Soooo much cute stuff! 😍

My heart ya’ll. I can’t take much else. Sheesh. This is why we need to be praying. This very reason. Prayers to his family and everyone dealing with depression. No pill nor therapy can ease the mind of a depressed and bothered soul like the presence of a peace-giving God. Let’s continue to share the gospel and pray for those who have lost or are looking for hope. Rest in peace. #robinwilliams #ThePrayerProject

Happy Sunday! 🌟

It’s so beautiful out today. Happy Friday lovelies! 😊😘

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Thank you for this.

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She was my favorite.

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"Love You", Series of Illustrations celebrating Black Love for my artist’s book final 

Jamilla Okubo

May 2014


More Black love please.

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